10 Great Things to Take Care Before Taking Travel Insurance

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Are you planning to travel? Taking a travel insurance is important unless you are ready to dig deep into your pockets should something go wrong. Having traveled insurance as important as making an ESTA application. You can significantly cut costs while getting the best policy. Failure to have travel insurance could be a costly mistake because minor surgeries, for example, costs are expensive in Europe and could be even more expensive in some parts of the US.


Getting these policies from travel agents is more costly than the ones you find shopping around.

When choosing an insurance cover, you should consider these tips so that you get the best policy;

  1. Cost Travel insurance covers are similar to any other insurance policy in that the cost should not be your only consideration. The general rule for policies you should purchase must include £2 million to cover medical expenses, £1 million for personal liability, £3,000 for cancellation, £1,500 for baggage and £250 for cash. Choose a cover that gives more benefits at an affordable cost.
  2. Different types of policies you can choose from the two main types of travel insurance; single trip policy or multi-trip policy. A single-trip policy covers one trip while a multi-trip policy covers you for a period of twelve months.
  3. Type of Holiday the places you plan to have you holiday determines the kind of policy that is ideal for you. You can get a European cover if you are planning to spend your holiday in Europe. The worldwide cover is for people who wish to spend their holidays outside Europe.
  4. The trip duration you should check the number of days that come under your maximum trip duration’. Some policies offer as little as four days while others up to 31 days. Go for a policy that covers you for more days.
  5. Cancellation to get the most out your travel insurance, you should get it in advance so that in case your flight is cancelled or delayed you get a cancellation cover.
  6. Baggage to avoid a double insurance cover, confirms if you have covered your baggage under your home contents insurance. Making a claim on items lost or stolen abroad can be challenging as many people are known to make fraudulent claims.
  7. Local dialect the travel cover should include an interpreter if you do not understand the local dialect. This can come handy if you have to seek medical attention.
  8. Family finances if you are travelling with your family, go for family travel insurance. Many insurers allow you to specify the number of adults and children you will travel with.
  9. Driving if you are planning to drive while abroad, make sure that the policy covers you. Make sure that you understand the local laws so that you can make a valid claim.
  10. Airline failure the travel insurance cover should be able to cover you in cases you there is an airline failure as there has been a high rate of many airlines collapsing.

For those wishing to travel to the US, they should apply for ESTA. ESTA applications may be submitted at any time prior to travel. Make sure your ESTA application has been approved before getting travel insurance.


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