4 Basic Types of Courier insurance

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Courier insurance means insurance for courier businesses as it aims to cover anyone who couriers goods. It may include any one from lone bike couriers to larger courier firms with a whole fleet of vans. Courier insurance is a must for those in business involving moving or transferring of parcels from one place to another for clients. Not having courier insurance could have a devastating impact on your business in the event of an accident or if a client’s goods are lost or stolen. There are many courier insurance policies available in the market, so choose a policy carefully according to your business needs.

Courier insurance

Types of Courier Insurance Following are the few basic types of courier insurance available:

Vehicle Insurance: This the most popular type of policy. It covers the courier vehicle as well as goods carried by it.

A vehicle is an important part of courier business and it is necessary to keep it in a proper condition else it may cause the delay in delivery or harm to the goods.

Goods in transit insurance:  This provides coverage only for the goods transported but not theVehicle. People send a wide range of things like important documents, valuables, etc. through courier service, so it is the responsibility of the courier company to take care of this stuff and under this policy, if anything goes missing or gets damaged, the company would pay for it.

Public liability policy: If the goods in transit are public property then they come under this policy.

Liability insurance: It is similar to goods in transit insurance. In case any thing gets lost or damaged, the courier company is liable to pay for it.

In case you want to cover all the above options, then you can go for a comprehensive policy which also covers theft, fire or other risks you want to add.

This policy may seem costlier but it gives you extra peace of mind! It makes a complete courier insurance policy which is very much needed to protect you financially as well as help to uplift your company’s reputation in the eyes of the customers. If the customers feel that their belongings are in safe hands then it is a big boost for a courier company. The more your company gain a reputation of a reliable, trustworthy and quick service provider, the more you attract customers.

Where to get Courier Insurance?

http://www.goodsintransitdirect.co.uk/offering a wide range of courier insurance policies, from basic, to fully comprehensive. The easiest way of finding the right insurance for you is to carry out a simple online search. This will get you a number of competing for insurance firms, displaying their application forms, quotes, and catalogs. You can enter your specifications and quickly get the best possible deal for you.There is no harm in taking some time out to note down all your needs before you start searching for the right policy for you. Also, don’t be afraid to ditch an existing insurer, if you find a better deal elsewhere. After all its about your safety and betterment of you business.


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