5 Best Intellectual Property Tips

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Intellectual property or IP is often viewed as a unique idea that was created by a talented author or inventor. It can be nearly anything: songs, books, logos, trademarks, program applications and etc. The necessity of protecting the IP rights maybe determined by various real-life situations. For instance, not all people are really honest ones, and they often prefer to steal someone’s ideas and then trade them as their own ones. Sometimes, several inventors or authors create nearly the same things and it’s difficult to decide who’s the real owner of the inventions.

In both cases, it’s necessary to consult the specialists who have jobs in intellectual property  department, and, today, we’re going to give you 5 best intellectual tips on how to protect your IP from various violations and infringements.

Intellectual Property Tips

Tip1: Decide What Kind of IP You possess

If you want to protect your intellectual property rights, find out what kind of IP you actually possess. For instance, it can be a logo, a photo, a design or an idea. However, IP attorneys often speak about the following most common types of IP:

  • Patents (they give the enforceable right for a new creation);
  • Design (it’s a set of features that make an item unique);
  • Copyright (it protects the rights for unique texts, music, sound, software and etc);
  • Trade mark (it’s a word, phrase, shapes and etc. that helps to make your good unique).

Tip 2: Find Out Whether You’ll be Able to Protect Your IP

Before doing anything, find out whether you have the right to use this IP. You may hire an attorney to make an investigation and find out whether you don’t infringe somebody else’s rights;

Tip 3: Don’t Trust 3d Parties

When you need to outsource a part of your work, try to cooperate with reliable partners. Do all necessary steps to protect your IP from a theft or illegal copying.

Tips 4: Encrypt Your IP

The sensitive IP can be protected by internal encryption: it will eliminate the attempt of unauthorized access to your IP. You may also ask your partners to use a special encryption too.

Tip 5: Hire a Good IP Attorney

IP attorney or lawyer is the person who’s able to assist you in protecting your IP rights from various violations and infringement. It’s vital to find, consult and hire such a specialist if you really care about your IP rights and don’t want to lose money.


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