6 Things to Know about Motorcycle Accident Compensation

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Every year thousands of motorcycle accidents happen, majorly due to rash driving. Unlike car drivers, motorcycle riders are not much protected because of which they often sustain serious injuries or even death. In the case of an accident, you can claim compensation and also if you are a pillion rider you are entitled to it. Sometimes motorbike accidents are caused due to poorly maintained roads, in which case, the local council is held responsible for your accident.


Injuries due to Motorcycle AccidentsThere are several reasons why motorcycle accidents result in more serious injuries to the rider.

One is that the vehicle itself does not provide any protection to the rider or the pillion rider like a car so the riders are thrown off. Also, there are no restraining mechanisms like seat belts. Motorcycles also lack other safety features like airbags, crumple zones and side impact bars. As a result, during an accident a motorcyclist is most likely to be thrown away from his or her vehicle, resulting in injury or even death.

Not only this, because of the above reasons it becomes difficult for the insurance companies to settle the claims, unlike other automobile accident compensation cases. It is mainly due to so many things involved in it. Therefore if we present a proper damage claim to the insurance company then it will be easier to expedite the process of getting motorcycle accident compensation.

Things to be kept in mind immediately after Motorcycle Accident: Following are a few things to be kept in mind immediately after a motorcycle accident:

  • Inform the Police: The very first thing to do is to make sure the police takes the report of the accident irrespective of how bad are injuries and damages.
  • Report within Time Limits: As there are strict time limits for reporting such accidents, it is advisable to report them to the authorities without undue delay.
  • Photographs: Photos of the accident scene are valuable evidence while claiming motorcycle accident compensation.
  • Insurance: The insurance companies often try to downplay the damage and grant the least possible amount as compensation. Hence, it is important to convince the insurance companies of the actual value of the motor vehicle after an accident.
  • Fill up the claim forms legibly: Important for quick disbursal of accident compensation.
  • Seek lawyer’s advice: It would be helpful to seek the services of a lawyer specializing in motor accident compensation cases. The lawyer won’t only ensure you the best medical treatment but also get you the maximum monetary compensation. But he cannot take cases which occur due to rider’s fault such as rear end accidents, left turn collisions, running stop signs, out of control motor vehicles etc.

First of all, it is important to drive safely for your sake as well as the person sitting behind you and the people around. And if unfortunately you ever meet an accident then it is better to keep above things in mind to minimize the impact of the damage caused as far as possible.


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