Basics of Going to Law Schools

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Are you truly interested in this profession? If you are, you must have been prepared to go through all the hardships during studies and professional life. Being a lawyer mean you have to be on your toes all the time. Yes, there are vacations, but the work at the background is amazingly long and tough.

Do you have the abilities? Analysing potential is important. Studies are not going to be cheap and time investment is another factor. You may well be stuck in a situation in which you cannot move forward (because of the lack of potential) nor backward (because of the debt you’re under).

Things are in real black and white when it comes to criminal law. Either you’ll find yourself at the top of the ladder enjoying ravishing and powerful lifestyle, or you’ll be sitting behind the desk doing a clerical work. Having mentioned that, if you made your way to one of the best law firms as internee or a grad, chances of your success are brighter than ever. For example. Gracia Law Firm Calgary is an attractive place for fresh graduates.

It has some of the best criminal lawyers in Calgary who will guide you to the right path with all their experience and knowledge.

Start with yourself and follow these steps to identify the situations in which you consider yourself the best.

Law Schools

  1. Undergraduate Pre-Law Major

In Canada, education is regulated by provinces, not by national authorities. Some colleges and law schools are recognized by government and they follow certain quality standards to ensure quality education at all levels. You can find the list of accredited law schools on government owned sites. Make sure you qualify their requirement because each of them have different standards for undergraduate education.

  1. Take a Test

Moving on, you have to clear the law-school test in order to be accepted by the law school. The test is based on basic knowledge and skills. Good thing is, the test is standardized for all law schools. It means, by clearing this test, you will be partly eligible to enter any law school in your country. The rest depends upon your education and credit hours.

  1. Going to Law School

The next step is to enter a law school in your area, or anywhere else in the country. Here are few tips to follow:

  • View the law school guide to find out about the application procedures in the law school where you intend to register yourself.
  • Identify the place where you want to excel as a Calgary criminal defense lawyer then you should register yourself at the law school in the same place.
  1. Course Completion

Now, all you need is to complete the Bar Admission Course that consists of online self-study course on Criminal Law. The subject consists of two licensing exams based on your studies and open-book.


If you have the right knowledge, experience and skills, you’ll make a great defense attorney. But this profession requires undivided attention, great research and lots of resources to bring evidence to the table. If you’re prepared for restless work, this profession will change your lifestyle for good.


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