Business dissertation Topics and Ideas – International HR Management and Managing International Change

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International HR and its management helps in understanding international comparative factors like national culture legislations and international change that shape strategies of human resource management. It gives insights of role of human resource function in corporates, business strategies and builds functional knowledge of key developments for managing expats and other global management like global human resource service provision, international partner ships, global knowledge management and helps in reviewing existing ideas as well as practices of what, when, why and how involving international changes in social system and contemporary organizations in general.

Business dissertation Topics and Ideas - International HR Management and Managing International Change

Here is a list of key topics related to international human resource management and management of international change Read More WWW.DissertationKing.Co.UK

  • How national culture impact organizational culture and business performances in different regions?
  • The foundations of employee commitments in regards of normative, affective as well as calculative commitment?
  • Effects of organizational changes on worker commitment in big multinational companies?
  • The relation between 3 components employee commitment to organizational change as well as perceived achievement of organizational changes?
  • What are the causes and types of deviances in an organization?
  • UK bidding company perspective. Effects of acquisition announcement on employees?
  • How to manage employee management in nonprofit organization.
  • How to use strategic human resource management models to appraise and assess BAE systems and how to achieve strategy by effective people management practices.
  • Factors that impact employee retention in international call centers
  • Most effective and unique practices for working human resource policies across multi division, diverse and large firms
  • Study of constantly changing global environment and its impact on human resource planning
  • Employees perception on factors that influence changes in organizations and external/internal factors that causes changes like these
  • Multicultural project managers – Explore connections between national cultures and conflicting management styles
  • Change management – development of framework to link intended strategies and unanticipated results.
  • Adjusting employees during change in organization – the role of organization occupation and organizational level.
  • Product Life Cycle implementation and its success – Investigating a manufacturing industry
  • Role of power through managing the emotion in organizational changes.
  • How measurement of work stress levels in employees undergoing change can be beneficial?
  • Effects of organizational changes on productivity in larger firms
  • Managing Changes in Asian Businesses – Comparing English Educated Chinese workers with Chinese Educated Workers in Singapore
  • Impact of the feedback process in organizational cultural change – Studying a financial firm case
  • Transformational change and Stakeholder communication – Studying the case of using proprietary changes in management system



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