David Giunta Beyond The Realms Of Professionalism

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When it comes to investment management in the US, the first person whose name is reknowned is David Giunta  Presently he is serving as the chief executive officer of a company named Black Plum. Apart from being a part of the reputed company, he is also the managing member of real estate investments. Located in LLC, it lies in Newport Beach, in the state of California. As far as the investments are concerned, he is the sole person associated with it. There are a number of areas where he functions, from fully entitled home developments to fully operational apartment communities. His responsibility is to monitor and focus on the acquisitions of income-producing properties. The price niche is $5M- $10M, and in these cases, the investments are controlled by the individuals of the institute. He is a seasoned professional in the industry.

David Giunta has spent nearly 25 years in different areas of investment as the founder of the company. These include private investment fund management, securities, investment advisory and real estate industries. There is a lot of elegance in his profile and he has served the posts of CPA, CEO of an SEC registered investment adviser, Real Estate Broker, President and, FINOP of an NASD securities broker dealer.

Realms Of Professionalism

Interest in social work and sports

Mr. Giunta has a good taste for sports as well, as it is evident from the fact that he serves as a volunteer for Spirit League. Here, he is the head basketball coach and takes keen interest in teaching his son. However, he is an active social work participant and serves other children with special needs. There are a number of poor families of which he takes charge, providing them with clothing, and other necessary things.

Evidently, the overall profile of Mr. Giunta is impressive enough, and apart from being interested in finance, he has a good taste in social service. All these deliver him a more complete personality, who is keen in serving needs of the community. After all, he also maintaining a high level of professionalism in spite of participating in these activities.

Mr. Giunta started off his career when he was appointed to the post of a certified public accountant at Arthu Andersen in Irvine, CA. It was here from which he started. In this position, he was really a specialist when it came to auditing services for Fortune 500 companies. After that, he spent a considerable time at the Ohio University from where he graduated with a bachelor’s degree.

He was also a member of the American Institute for Certified Public Accountants. He has a pleasant personality and while he was in this position, he also serves as a board member of the Down Syndrome Foundation of Orange County. So, it is evident that he is not only bent on improving the market condition of the business firms, he also has a pleasant social life. He participated in proceedings with people from different groups and helps them out in time of needs.


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