Don’t Use Merge  Purge before you Read these Valuable Quick Tips

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Out of many key data processes, merge/purge is one. With the ever increasing prices of paper and postage it is very important to ensure  that  merge/purge and list work are utilized properly. The tips below can be helpful;

Merge is an important data process

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Maximum Segmentation

It is important because companies need to dividesections to meet the requirements of mail quantity conditions. For valid and reliable segment sizes, setting cell sizes by applying the  “rule of 100s” can be helpful. The essence of this rule is  that to get a satisfying result from a segment, it is ideal that you are able to get 100 orders from that segment. In other words, if you aim for  receiving a 2 percent reactionfrom a segment, at least 5,000 names in that segment should be mailed.

Valuable Quick Tips

Separate Merge Rules for Different Segments

 Instructions that determine the level at which duplicates needs to be matched are called merge rules. These rules define what is or what not a duplicate is. It is wise to assign different rules for customer records and business records. This puts a less burden on processing  costs and makes it easy to  right mail strategy that is aligned with correct  segments in the file.

Add More Names than You Require

This tip applies both to the already existing lists as well as prospect lists. When you opt for this strategy you find that there are names in the prospect lists that are already in the existing list. Thus those names  can be excluded from the mailing list.

 Random Prospects List

Opinions are varied over the treatment of prospect list. Some opine that exchange list should be ranked higher that the cooperative database list. This assists in managing costs.

 Multisshould be  a Priority

“Multis”, or multibuyers, are those  names that are on more than one externallist. Stakes are high that these multis are highly qualified or ferventrespondents. Many companies usually ignore such multis or deal with them in the end. But it is advisable to make them part of prospect list to maximize the utility of the prospect list.

Use a Single Merge

If planned effectively a single merge can be used for manifolddrops and arranging mailing listssuccessfully.

Use Available Demographic Data

Many companies that provide merging/purging facilities also provide demographic or firmographic data.  Most of the times such data is free of cost. It means that that you cannot possess or maintain the data and it is not added to your database, however, your service provider can help you in making a selection from the data they have.

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