Email Management and the Impact It Has on Your Business

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Email Management

Many business owners are aware that email management is part of business. However, not all business owners realize how crucial email management is to the success of their businesses. Such business owners fail to consider all the various areas were email management applies. The ones who are in touch with this crucial information realize that they need email management software. In fact, 27 percent of business owners and service leaders have already developed a plan to incorporate email response strategies into their businesses. It’s high time you consider adding it to your menu. The following are six truths about the impact that email management has on your business.

People Still Check Their Email

1. People Still Check Their Email

Some business leaders are under the impression that “email is dead” and that products such as email management programs are unnecessary. That couldn’t be further from the truth. Business Insider conducted a survey not too long ago that disclosed some staggering figures. About 33.8 percent of Americans check their email accounts throughout the day. Thirty-nine percent of Americans check their email accounts one to three times a day. There is a small percentage of people who check their email accounts more than seven times a day. Smartphone capabilities make the email process even easier. Therefore, one can conclude that email is certainly not dead, and it is still a valuable tool for businesses.

Prospects Leave When Nobody Answers

2. Prospects Leave When Nobody Answers

When someone physically knocks on another person’s door, that person leaves if no one answers. The same rings true for a person who sends an email to a business. Prospects sometimes ask questions about products and services that interest them via email. They move on to other providers if no one answers, and they do not return. Email management software can cut down the number of times that events like that occur.

An Automatic Reply Is Like a Smile of Acknowledgment

3. An Automatic Reply Is Like a Smile of Acknowledgment

Email management software has a feature called automatic reply that works like a charm. An automatic reply is like the smile of acknowledgment that a person receives when he or she first walks in the door at a physical store. The smile lets the person know that the salesperson is aware of his or her presence, but that it may take some time for him or her to get to the person.

Customers Appreciate a Purchase “Thank You” Message

4. Customers Appreciate a Purchase “Thank You” Message

Customers appreciate very much when businesses thank them for their purchases. A purchase “thank you” is an email that email software can send to people who buy products and services from the business. Consumers love to receive personalized emails that make them feel special for what they do. Such emails drive some consumers to stay loyal to certain businesses because they feel as though those businesses appreciate them. Customer loyalty can boost your numbers.

Emails Are a Great Way to Invite Customers to Surveys

5. Emails Are a Great Way to Invite Customers to Surveys

Your business can use emails to gather information about customer experiences. Customer experience is another area where email management software can assist. You could use the software to send emails to your customers after their experiences. The emails could have links in them that direct your customers to complete surveys. You could offer incentives such as discounts or free items that they would enjoy. Customer survey answers let you know what works and what doesn’t work within your business. You can make changes according to what your customers say about their experiences. The software that you invest in can thus become 10 times more valuable than you ever imagined it would be.

Emails Can Resolve Many Issues Right Away

6. Emails Can Resolve Many Issues Right Away

Emails are valuable because they can solve a host of problems almost immediately. Sometimes consumers go right to the short forms and email accounts to get the answers that they need for problems. They expect to receive immediate responses when they answer these questions.

Therefore, it is crucial for you to have a response system in place that will placate such customers and perhaps scour an intelligent database for the information that they need. The high-quality email management software can do that for you.

There should be no further questions as to whether your business needs to incorporate email software into its customer management tools. You can now select a reliable email marketing software program that will help your business to grow for years to come. The investment you make today may seem like a drop in the bucket tomorrow.


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