Everything About Brandon Steven

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The most famous business owner is the Brandon Steven. He was born in nineteen seventy-three in the place Wichita Kansas on 25th of July. He is known for the car dealership that has also won the award for the best car dealership. He is the person that is the place called Wichita and his mother was a schools teacher and father was a Rod Steven Sr. It is matter of fact that people in their childhood have some attraction towards the things that help them to aim when they grew older and the same thing happened with the Steven that in his childhood he was attracted to two things and that are sports and the other one is the entrepreneurship They named it as snow shoveling driveways. After that he went to the college that is Kapaau Mt. Carmel Catholic High School.

After he got graduated from the Southern Illinois University in 1995 he returned to his place where he was born in Wichita and there is started telephone-based auto locating service for potential car buyers. He is able to do this by developing a database of cars available for sale in the area. This business that he did was not very much successful and got diverted to the car business goals and started fixing the rates of the vehicle and also selling them in very fewer profits. This was the root of his successful life in the future because from here he, his brother Rodney and his father climbed to the highest level possible.

Everything About Brandon Steven

In childhood, he started doing the business from the very small age of 11 and that was the removing the snow from the road. In the high school, he started catching birds and used to sell to the hunters for the training of their dogs. After that he got bachelor degree in marketing and as he completed the degree he purchase the building that he started the selling and buying of the cars that made him little confident in business and on another side he started the business with his elder brother and opened the health club that got good response and the name that is now still famous that is genesis health club is having 24 branches all over the world.

After that, he purchased the dealership of Subaru of Wichita and for that, he needed the location and for that, he purchased the location that is very near the old location and got the best award for the best dealership in a very first year.  After this, he took the franchise of Toyota and there in this he got the award after two years for the best dealership. After this, his mind diverted to the Suzuki and took the dealership and in this, he made the boom for the Suzuki and became the only person that has won the award for continuous 5 years.


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