Everything that you know about Blake Goldring

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Blake Goldring is a Canadian business leader, an entrepreneur, a philanthropist and most importantly the Chief Executive Officer of AGF Management Limited. This company is the famous one to spread his name and fame to the worldwide. Actually, this AGF is an independent Canadian based investment management concern which is serving retail and institutional investors since 1957. Under the leadership of Goldring, AGF has grown its assets to nearly $33 billion in 2015. So, he became the number one businessman in Canada.

Blake Goldring

Professional contributions of Blake Goldring

Actually, Goldring founded the Canada Company in May2006 with the vision of building a bridge between the Canadian military and Canada’s business people.  Now, he is the most successful chairman of Canada Company, Blake works to encourage and foster the collaboration between the two.

Being the long time supporter of the Canadian army and the Canadian armed forces, he gets more famous through it.  Before this appointment, he was the first amateur colonel of the Canadian army in 2011.

After that, he served as the voluntary colonel of the Royal Regiment of Canada.

Blake was also recognized for his contribution of the Canadian Armed Forces and was awarded the praiseworthy service medal by the Governor General of Canada.

Blake was unanimously elected as the beneficiary of the Vimy award which is presented by the Conference of Defense Association Institute.

Of course, Blake was also renowned as the Canadian diversity champion by Women of Influence. Furthermore, he was also known for his dedicating professional accomplishments.

Blake – Besides the world of business

Apart from Blake’s business world, he and his family are openhanded sponsors to his alma mater in the University of Toronto. Furthermore, he also has given his contribution to a number of projects at this prominent Canadian university.

Added to that, Blake also guides and directs the different kinds of the boards. Furthermore, he is playing various roles in many organizations like as follows.

  • Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Sunnybrook Health sciences Center
  • Member of Canadian council Chief Executive
  • Leadership Council Member of the Toronto Financial Services Alliance
  • Member of IFIC Ad Hoc Strategic research center

These are the most prominent roles that are played by Blake Goldring. Besides his professional and business, he is also an active member of the various community centers or services that are mentioned as follows.

  • Canadian Film Center
  • Toronto Club
  • President’s International Alumni council
  • Sunnybrook health Science center

In all these community services, blake goldring agf is active still now. However, the contribution of Blake remains well to proof as he is the utmost entrepreneur in the society.

When it comes to his personal life, he and his wife Belinda with three daughters are living in Toronto. He always loves to spend his free time with their family by playing outside like tennis, golf, fishing and more.

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