How to Build Step by Step Blog in 2016?

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Blogging has become one of the most important communication media for spreading information and news online. It connects you with other people who express their interest, shares their ideas, creativity, and knowledge. So if you have been planning to build your blog but didn’t know how to start, then you are in right place. Here is the step by step process to start a blog.

Build Step by Step Blog

Pick a particular topic

Write a blog on topics that you enjoy and are familiar with.

  • Develop a Positive Mindset – Mindset is considered as the biggest factor in determining your success as a blogger, so while starting a blog you should always keep your mindset positive.
  • Choose a potential Topic – Go through the various sites and try to figure out some aspects of a profitable topic such as how much traffic the topic gets, the product/services provided with a topic, how much competition that particular topic has and much more.

Create your Blog

Now you know what you are going to write, it’s then time to create your blog.

  • Pick a Name for your blog – Sit down with pen and paper for some time and write down all the ideas that are coming in your mind. If you get stuck somewhere, try to find out the synonyms of the same.
  • Purchase your Domain Name – Try to choose your domain name as short as possible and catchy. It is recommended by some blogging gurus to choose .com domain names if possible.
  • Choose a blogging Platform – The blogging platform is the software that manages the blog. It is suggested that the best blogging platform to use is WordPress because it is free and provides the best support, themes, and customizability. Others include Joomla, Drupal, Ghost and much more.
  • Setting Up Web Hosting – Web host is the storage space where websites files can be uploaded so try to host your blog on Bluehost because it is relatively cheap and cost $ 4.95/month.
  • Setting Up WordPress – Setting WordPress with Bluehost is extremely easy as it provides one-click install function which saves a lot of time.
  • Choose a WordPress theme – After setting up WordPress you will be able to create your blog post but they might not appear attractive. To make your website look beautiful and creative, choose a WordPress theme that fulfills your desire.
  • Install Useful Plug-ins – This step is not necessary, but will help you to run your blog longer. You can install plug-ins such as WordPress SEO, WP total Cache, WP Backup and much more.

Content Creation and Promotion

Now the real work begins because to have traffic on your website and to make money you need to have a good content.

  • Plan a content Strategy – Try to plan the flow of your content in a website like what to write on about us page, terms and services, disclaimer page and lots more. Scroll others website and search for keywords or you can take help of Google’s keyword planner.
  • Plan a social Media Strategy – Social Media is becoming one of the best ways to drive traffic to your site and for this, you can use Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter and much more according to your niche.
  • Produce your Content – Content is considered as the backbone of any blog or site. So try to create your content simple and unique and something that is loved by readers.
  • Promote your content – If your good content is not seen by anybody then it is no worth. Plan a marketing strategy to promote your content, get quality backlinks, take help of social media sites etc.

Wrapping up

Building and growing a blog isn’t easy. It is a rousing battle at the times, but at the end, the payoff can be great. So if you haven’t built a blog of yours, then try to take a baby step and start and if you already started a blog, but facing problem in its growth, then re-plan your strategy and try to come up with new ideas.


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