How To Choose The Best Fuel Injector Cleaner?

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Fuel injector cleaners are solvents that help in cleaning fuel lines, gas pump and fuel injectors. This is done by pouring the cleaning solvent into the gas and running the engine until the cleaning solvent completely disappears. These cleaners are liquid solvent that unclog hardened fuel or dirt in the fuel injector or gas pump.

As the fuel is never completely pure, thus you need to clean the fuel injector regularly. This will reduce the contaminations from the fuel and the performance of your car will increase.

A common problem with fuel injectors is that they accumulate dirt over an extended period of time. Cleaning an engine can be difficult especially for novices. This is where the fuel injector cleaners come in. They help to clean the fuel lines of your engine.

One Reason why you should always clean your fuel injector is-

Fuel Injector Cleaner

To reduce harmful build up

The formation of Gunk around the fuel injector nozzle is unavoidable. It is something you cannot control; cleaning is the best option in this regard. If a fuel injector is not cleaned for a long period of time the following are bound to occur.

  1. The build up of harmful fuel residue.
  2. Corrosion of the fuel injector and other engine parts.

In order to prevent these conditions from happening, it would be a wise decision to use a fuel injector cleaner from time to time.

There are many fuel injector cleaners that promise different things and different fuel injector cleaners have different features and techniques. Some promises to improve the fuel consumption of your car, some promises to reduce rattling and some promises to clean the entire pipes which will improve the overall performance of your car.

So, how to choose the one that fits your car and your need. Well, below we have mentioned some of the key points that you must keep in mind while choosing the best fuel injector cleaners for your car.

Factors to consider when selecting a good fuel injector

  1. Cleaning capacity- A good cleaner will not only be able to break up carbon deposit and water vapour but also to increase the combustion power of the engine. It should also be able to reduce the dirty emissions from and engine. A good cleaning agent should also have the ability to remove deposits of by products of diesel and gasoline.
  2. Purity- The major function of a fuel injector cleaner is to clean the fuel injector. Any other additives to the cleaner will result to unwanted deposition on the fuel lines. When choosing a fuel injector cleaner it would be wise to spend extra cash to get the best. Doing this will save you a lot of money in the future.
  3. Chemical Component- There are certain cleaners in the market that have very high percentage of additives, instead of the three major cleaning agents which are-
  4. Polyether Amine(PEA)
  5. Polyisobutene (PIB)
  6. Polyisobutylene Amine (PIBA)

Before buying a fuel injector cleaner you must ensure that these 3 agents are present.

Considering carefully the tips in this article will guide you when buying a fuel injector cleaner and ultimately help to increase the life span of your engine.


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