Is Micro-Trenching the Way Forward?

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Micro-trenching is the process for creating trenches in the groundwork using a single device. The technique is used to cut trenches for installing fibre-optic cable lines. These trenches can be made in concrete, asphalt or any other construction material that too with strict measurement.

The conventional method used for the same work requires ripping out of the road, breaking the pavements, excavating and laying of conduits through which the fibre-optic cables are fed and then going through the whole process of road construction again. So, micro-trenching surely is the way forward.


Micro-trenching Vs. Conventional Methods of Trenching

  • Speed – With so many things to be taken care of the traditional methods of trench-cutting is a lot slower method as compared to the micro-trenching. The method of micro-trenching is about 30 times faster than the conventional trench-cutting methods.
  • Labour Cost – The labour cost of micro-trenching is very low as compared to the traditional methods. The traditional trench-cutting methods required a large number of labourers working for a very long time thus increasing the labour cost many folds as compared to the method of micro-trenching.
  • Equipment Cost – The traditional methods not only a required number of labours but also a large number of machines. The micro-trenching is done using a single device as Bobcat Wheel Saw making it a much cheaper way to create trenches.
  • Disturbances – The conventional method of trench cutting required road closures and created lots of disturbances to the locals of the area and that too for a longer stretch of time. This is not the case with micro-trenching; it brings minimal disturbance to the normal traffic of the road.
  • Effect on Environment – Unlike the conventional methods the method of micro-trenching is more environments friendly. The heavy machinery used for excavation in the conventional trenching method produced more air polluting agents.
  • End Result – The end results of micro-trenching are more aesthetically pleasing because there are no collateral damages to be seen around.

If you are thinking to opt for the method of micro-trenching for your next project you should consider using high-quality wheel saw as it is the only equipment used and the quality of the wheel saw is directly proportional to the quality of the trench.

What benefits can you get by using a high-quality Bobcat Wheel Saw?    

The bobcat wheel saw is known to be faster than any other traditional micro-trenching equipment. This means you can make the fast method of trenching yet faster by just switching your machine. The compact sized loader of Bobcat ensures its efficiency of working in the narrower area. In addition to all these the wheel saw and loader of bobcat can be deployed on site with a faster speed.


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