Remote Usability Testing Tools Makes Companies Reach Out

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Usability testing’s done in laboratory type environments is such a very difficult thing to do. However, this is one of the most important things that one must be able to do since it involves finding out the usability of a product.  Although this is one of the more important parts of a research study, company officials and operations heads tend to play the importance down because of the costs involved and the time they will have to sacrifice to perform such operations.

The good news is that with modern technology and advancements in techniques, remote usability testing tools are now being implemented. This practice has gained popularity and is now one of the leading ways of testing products.  Add to this, this type of testing does not cost as much and does not need a lot of time. The important thing here is that it makes it easier for companies to reach out to testers since they go out of their labs to do so.

Remote Usability Testing Tools

Informal Remote Usability Testing Tools

It is called informal since these testing are not done within the walls of a lab. The main purpose of this remote usability testing tool is to help the company generate data about the usability of the product with regards to the testers experience and ease of use. This is not about the exact measurement of metrics.

The informal way of testing usability has become the most sought after manner of having internet products sampled. The bad side though is that some people get confused with this type of testing by alluding to other software applications testing features.

Some of the advantages of an informal testing is that it can be done with an unlimited number of people within a short time. Some of these tests can be done in one day.

The disadvantage is that before the product can be tested this way, it has to completed already. This means that it cannot be tested during its’ development stages. Second is that the feedback taken from participants are quite limited.

Is the informal type of testing for everyone

The informal type of remote usability testing tools is utilized so that assessment of the different parts of the software can be discussed and analyzed. These data are studied to its minutest detail. However, it does have its limitations. Why? Because this is done just for the sake of finding out what different users think of it like its advantages and disadvantages for them. Yet these things have to be treated subjectively since what one tester might find as a negative might not be so for the rest.

Then there is the fact that remote usability testing tools will not in any way solve any of the negative data taken from the users.

Even with its limitations, testing software tools in a remote setting will always be a good thing. There are things that it will gain which cannot be done in a formal lab test. Getting it straight from the public would mean a lot to the company.


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