The best investment decision to buy Gold Bullion Coins

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Gold coin buyers know when to buy gold bullion coins by their experiences and information.

Rare gold coins have

  • Numismatic value
  • Based on date
  • Based on region
  • Based on rarity
  • Niche market
  • Difficult to find rare coins in good condition
  • Grading method

As against rare gold coins, bullion coins are easy to purchase based on availability and accessibility. You can buy gold bullion coins as per your decision on any time through even online purchases.

buy Gold Bullion Coins

The misconception that gold bullion comes into bar form is there. The actual meaning of bullion is a refined and stamped weight of precious metal.

A gold bullion coin is a coin made from gold and is kept as a jewelry item or as an investment for future sale, rather than its use to regular coinage or transactions.

Bullion gold coins are sold with premium over and above the prevailing market price on various commodities exchanges. Premium is attached for the reasons such as their comparatively smaller size and several costs associated with manufacturing, storage and in distribution of coins. However, the premium amount depends upon types and weight categories of the gold and also depends upon demand.

World’s best bullion coins

  • Australia- Gold Nugget
  • Canada – Maple Leaf
  • China – Gold Panda
  • Mexico- Libertad
  • Russia- George the Victorious
  • South Africa – Kruggerand
  • UK – Sovereign
  • USA – Gold Eagle
  • Poland – Orzel bielik
  • Switzerland – Vreneli

In European market, gold bullion coins are exempted from Value added tax. The European Commission has annual publication for a list of gold coins by different European nations which should be treated as investment in gold coins.

Various sizes of Gold bullion coins are available ranging from 1/25 oz to 1 kilo. The most popular gold bullion coins are of the size of one ounce, which are preferred by both investors and collectors alike.
Gold coins are also a worthy medium of passing tangible wealth onto next generation. There is no better gift you can give to future generations than the gift of gold bullion coins which are of timeless prosperity.

Unique features of some of world are known gold bullion coins:

  • Canadian government’s Gold Maple Leaf has been stamped for international, for example, celebration of commemorations of the Olympics.
  • The Krugerrandis one of the most premium gold coins issued from South Africa
  • American Eagle Gold Bullion coins are investors’ preference for assurance and security attached

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