The Contigo Insulated Bottles And Its Working Mechanism

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A major reason for using drinking water bottles is they offer convenience of taking them anywhere they need. Drinking water bottles involve little cost, and their loss is not a problem. These days one can get huge varieties of water canteens made up of different materials, such as stainless steel, plastic, glass and polymers. If they are looking forward to short term use, they may go for something to last long; they may choose stainless steel canteens or glass ones. One should also remember that glass bottles may have a chance of break into pieces in rough use. In such cases, stainless steel with thermal resistance seems to be an ideal choice in terms of durability, utility in different environmental conditions. The advanced water bottles come with thermal insulation, which prevents the water to change its temperature as per the outside weather. These thermally insulated bottles seem to be ideal if they are travelling in a hot or cold environment. They can store water in its consumable temperature and can also use that for long if they are going for a thermal insulated one. The best type of insulation when it comes to bottles is Contigo vacuum insulated water bottles. This is the technology behind the original thermo, and has recently been put to great use by modern companies like hydro flask, klean Kanteen. Actually it is an old technology, double walled vacuum insulation was invented by James Dewar and has been in use for over a hundred of years and it is commonly known as vacuum flask or Dewar flask.

The working mechanism:

Contigo Insulated Bottles

The concept behind the vacuum insulated bottle is remarkably simple. The double walled part of these bottles gives information about the whole design. Vacuum flasks achieve their insulation by using two walls with a little gap of evacuated air or vacuum between them. This defines that using a double walled vacuum insulated water bottle one can get bottle in bottle effect, where the container which the liquids contact is itself enclosed. One of the important things to consider is heat transfer. Inside a vacuum flask, the contents of the bottle will contain no space to transfer heat. Since there is a gap of vacuum between two walls in the bottle, hence there presents some air or any material to absorb and transfer the heat inside the bottle. All the bottles that are employing this vacuum technology are made of stainless steel. It is very important to remember that these bottles are standardized design and there are often more similarities than differences between these products. If insulation capability alone is the only deciding factor, one might find choosing it very difficult. This is because among these bottles the insulation occurs virtually identical from one bottle to another bottle. The Contigo vacuum insulted water bottles has earned its place as one of the top insulated bottles on the market. They are incredibly durable and they also posses very stylish look.


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