Types of Mutual Funds in India

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Mutual funds are one of the biggest instruments for making money today. They offer high rates of interest on the amount of money invested and consequently the amount of money received at the end is also more compared to the amount offered by banks and many other financial institutions in India. Currently, there are large numbers of companies that offer schemes. They offer different types of schemes to attract investors.

The Different Types of Mutual Funds in India:

Currently, in India, there are large numbers of schemes. They are mainly classified on the basis of structure as well as their objectives. Some of the popular types found in India include:

The closed end funds, the open end funds, the tax saving funds, the equity funds, the growth funds, the balanced funds Value funds the large capital funds

Each of these different funds has different objectives and strategies. On the basis of this, their performances also vary largely.

Types of Mutual Funds in India

Different Schemes for Different Purposes:

In India, there are different types of mutual funds so that it can serve different kinds of purposes. In fact, these different schemes have been launched by different companies in an effort to cater to the different financial requirements. For instance, in case of the closed end funds, there is a specific period of maturity and after the period of maturity gets over, the money can be withdrawn. On the other hand, in case of the open end schemes, there is no maturity period and if you invest in such a scheme, you would have to deal directly to get the redemption from the mutual fund companies. Thus the objective and the prices of each of the schemes vary accordingly and on the basis of this the prices also vary.

Download Information from Websites:

There are different websites that can give you the right information about the schemes of the different companies. You can look out at some of the reliable websites and thus download the necessary information to invest in the best schemes that exists in India currently.

Here are some reason why mutual funds is better than any money back plans in India.

Automatic Reinvestment
With this, you can have capital gains and dividends reinvested into your fund automatically and easily without having to pay sales load or extra fees.

Can Be Diversified
Most investors buy more than just 1 stock. In order to grow their portfolio, they have to multiply and diversify their stocks. By diversifying, you reduce the risk without sacrificing your money.

Easier To Manage 
Subsequent to buying, you won’t be all alone attempting to figure out how to profit without losing money. Rather you will be furnished with a professional fund manager who knows how to deal with your investments.

what this fundamentally means is that you can exchange them for cash rapidly and easily with no hassles.
Just 1 Investment Portfolio
this is greatly improved than stocks whereby you have to think of a few different portfolios just to qualify as a long-term stockholder and investor.

most organizations in in India are publicly accessible. This guarantees you as an investor are getting what you are paying for.

Meeting Your Goals 
Similarly as with each investor in in India, your objectives could be debt free, enjoying a blessed and fruitful retirement, traveling the world over, accommodating your family and kids inside and out conceivable and so forth. Be that as it may, along the way towards your goals, changes are inevitable. For instance if your kids expects to further their studies particularly overseas, you unquestionably need to adjust your portfolio to reduce the risk of losing money and increase the likelihood of earning more.


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