What Makes Jurassic Park Such A Damn Good Movie?

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I’m sure you have heard of the movie ‘Jurassic Park’. So many films have come out after Jurassic Park. Yet, it rules. Why is it so? Any guesses? Well, Jurassic park is indeed very special. Still, there remains a question what makes Jurassic Park special? Why like such a monster film discarding other movies? Is it only because of dinosaurs? No! But there have been many dinosaur movies before. None has acquired the success as Jurassic Park.

Most of you may recall that Jurassic Park came out when you were a kid. It was scary. Still you nagged to your parents to take you to the theatres. I’m sure many of you at that time must have bothered your parents just like me. Well, there is a lot of nostalgia attached to this movie.

Apart from all the films that demand attention, Jurassic Park is a landmark in the development and initiation of high end animation and computer generated imageries. This is the prime reason behind making Jurassic Park so popular. Steven Spielberg did a brilliant job. Rather, the highly animated dinosaurs that he used were actually the attention holders throughout the film.  The success of Jurassic Park’s CG graphics inspired many current producers like Bob Simonds to roll in the big bucks on CG graphics ( for example, Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets.) Let’s get into the details of why Jurassic Park is so popular.

  • Watching Jurassic Park even today you will automatically get transformed into a younger version of you that had a fantasy about dinosaurs. Not often do you get a chance to tread back to the nostalgic days of your childhood. That too within a limited time of 127 hours.
  • It makes you believe the impossible. However much you are accustomed to logic and science, you tend to rely on to those animated series. You fantasize about a real Jurassic Park and want to visit it soon.
  • Once you get connected to your childhood, a sea of childhood memories start haunting you. You must be taken away by some ride that you once tried in your childhood which looked like the dinosaurs of Jurassic Park.
  • You might think that since Jurassic Park was made some 2-3 decades ago, the effects are not as same as it was then. Well, you are wrong. In the 21st century too you gather the same happiness and fun. The CGI and animatronics puppets nailed it. Till date, none could make any animations look so realistic.
  • It’s degrading to notice that Jurassic Park’s female characters were much more bold and realistic than Jurassic World that came out as a sequel to the movie 22 years later. Back then it was the time of female characters portrayed as mistresses and damsels in movies. But Jurassic Park tried out something different… something which the society today can embrace wholeheartedly.
  • When director Spielberg and composer John William clubs up, the successive result is a good thing like Jurassic Park. Its recognizable theme songs, brilliant story-telling and a balance in every detailing could never have anything more compelling.
  • Finally, a lot of films that got released along with Jurassic Park were initially well-acclaimed then but later on succumbed to peoples’ frowns. But Jurassic park is equally acceptable today as it was on its release.

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