Who Can Be An AMFI Registered Distributor?

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Mutual funds are often considered to be one of the best investment options in India. It offers security and safety; so most of the people vouch to invest in mutual funds. The mutual funds work differently than the other investment option. Here, you need to invest your money in your portfolio first. Then you can allocate your assets into different funds as per your risk profile. All the activities in the world of a mutual fund are regulated by AMFI. So, everything you do is regulated by it. Hence, the first thing that you need to become in order to achieve success with mutual fund investments is an AMFI registered distributor. But how can you become an AMFI registered distributor? Well, you can read here!

The Intermediaries tend to have a very crucial role in promoting the sale of Mutual Funds and therefore it becomes necessary that the ones who are involved in the task of selling Mutual Funds must possess high standards of both knowledge and attitude and must be ethical in financial dealings. The future of the mutual fund industry depends on the overall well-being, style of business dealings of the intermediaries.

It is essential that all the AMFI certified Intermediaries who are engaged in the marketing and selling of the Mutual Fund schemes are registered with the AMFI only after they have passed the AMFI Certification Test. The Mutual Funds would not be dealt by any intermediary who has not been registered with the AMFI and has successfully obtained the ARN. The application form meant for mutual fund and its related schemes tends to have provisions that disclose a unique identity number that has been created by the AMFI.

AMFI Registered Distributor

The following are the Eligibility Criterion for Mutual Fund Distributors

For the General Category: the person must hold any of the certificates from among the ones like NISM Series V, Mutual Fund Distributors Certification Examination, Mutual Fund Distributors Continuing Professional Education, CIEL: Refresher Course on Mutual Funds, AMFI Mutual Fund Module,  IICM: Refresher Course on Mutual Funds,

For the category of Grandfather by Age: any person other than the Principal who has attained the age of 50 years, may attend the Mutual Fund Distributors CPE Program only on the submission of the prerequisite documents.

For the category of Grandfather by Experience: besides the Principal, any person who has an experience of around 10 or more working years as a functional distributors, agent or a person engaged or employed in distribution or sale of mutual fund  items, may be able to attend the Mutual Fund Distributors CPE Program only on the submission of prerequisite documents.

The documents which are required for the Mutual Fund Distributors CPE Program must be duly filled in with a CPE, which needs to be submitted at the designated CPE location for partaking in the Mutual Fund Distributors CPE Program.

The required documents for the general category include copies of:

  1. PAN Card
  2. valid Certificate/ ARN Card
  3. Passport-size Photograph

The required documents for the category of grandfathered by age include:

  1. photocopy of PAN Card
  2. Passport-size Photograph

The required documents for the category of Grandfathered by Experience include:

  1. PAN Card
  2. Proof of Experience
  3. Passport-size Photograph

Since the post of AMFI intermediary is such a crucial one, therefore, all the application forms and examination documents must be filled in carefully. The post achieved after rigorous training and thorough preparation throughout the course so as to be able to emerge as an able and efficient professional, who would carry forward the company and the entire future of the industry.


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