Why Is Skills Future Singapore Such A Good Scheme?

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The announcement of Budget 2015 brought some really good news for all the Singaporeans who are either eager to master new skills or have been longing to upgrade the skills they already have. This initiative introduced by the government will leave you wondering whether you should go enroll in Master’s degree program from some other country like China or consider professional courses in Singapore itself with the credit that is being given to all the enthusiastic people. So, before you make a hasty decision, take your time to know about all the minutiae relevant to this scheme. Here, we have rounded up all the necessary information about this Skills Future program.

Good Scheme

What is Skills Future Credit?

Skills Future Credit is basically a grant of $500 that will be given to all the people of Singapore who want to sign up for one or the other training programs. In its initial stage, the government has passed a budget to help around two million Singaporeans in their education and training courses.

In addition to utilizing this credit for training courses that are supported by the government, you can also make use of this amount in subsidizing courses offered by WDA. This credit will contribute its small but significant bit in subsidizing your 200 to 300 hours of training that can get you a diploma or an advanced certificate. This effort and improvement in your skills can actually get you closer to a promotion or a raise and may also help you while switching jobs.

In What Courses Can This Credit Be Used?

There is a relatively long list of courses where you can use this credit of yours. You can either use this credit to pay in full for your course fee or for subsidizing some of the high-end courses offered by Workforce Development Authority (WDA). Almost all the polytechnics, universities and other institutes dedicated to higher learning that you know of or ever dreamed about are impressively covered under this grant. To your surprise, there are 8,841 courses offered by WDA at present and all of them are eligible for this credit usage.

Whether you are looking for some short-term diploma course or for a complete graduate degree program, the courses under this amazing Skills Future Singapore scheme are available in all shapes and sizes.

Highlights of Skills Future Courses:

  • Because most of the individual courses covered under the scheme cost less than $500, you can also grab an opportunity to learn more than one course in case you pick some 3-4 day training programs.
  • There are various WSQ frameworks in different categories like service excellence and creative industries. Now within each framework, there are many qualifications because courses offered by WDA are a part of extensive WSQ framework. To put it in simple words, there are a variety of certificate and diploma program in each framework which are just one portion of the entire course that WDA actually offers.
  • It is extremely effortless to figure out a training program that is related to your field or industry from such a wide array of training programs offered under the scheme.
  • The government has also promised to top-up this credit to further subsidize your long-term and expensive training programs. However, it is not made clear yet that how often or when this amount will be topped-up.

    Will You Actually Learn Some New Skills?

Although the key motive of this scheme is to educate Singaporeans on the significance of learning and improving skills, it is completely in the hands of an individual to make the most of this scheme. The government can only help us financially; it is up to us now how well can we use this initiative. There are courses, subsidies and study awards that are all intended to help us learn new skills that will make us more relevant to today’s changing job market.

Whether you are an employee or a job seeker, you can upgrade your skills to make your resume more appealing. Every company needs workers that are completely aware of the changing economy so that they can benefit their organization. Hence, Skills Future Singapore has revolutionized the lifelong learning by supporting it financially. From students to job seekers to mid-career professionals, all can take advantage of this remarkable scheme.


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